Engineering by JOSEPH EGLI ITALIA, Group's Company with over 30 years international experience in R&S, project management and start up of WWTP in agri-food, textile, winery, beverage, industrial sector.

Pragma Blue Ltd is a engineering and production Group located in Altavilla Vicentina  (VI - Italy) and specialized in developement and production of plants: 

- CARWASH wastewater treatment

- INDUSTRIAL wastewater treatment

- DRINKING WATER from sea, lake, pit, river water

- RESIDENTIAL wastewater treatment with recycling

- RAINWATER oil separating 

- AGRI-FOOD, Winery, Dairies, Fish processing..




Our high-quality manufacturing, consistent customer orientation and unique service network ensure that Prgma Blue is a perfect partner for your business.



Project engineering and supply of special plants for Agri-Food sector, Winery, diary cheese industry, textile and paper industry. Over the years Pragma Blue and Partners have been specializing in biological treatment of industrial water in a wide range of environmental fields,. 

NEW!!!!!!! Patented by Pragma Blue. Nixia is the new Physical - Chemical Waste Water Treatment Plant for small activities, for those who are using Floor Cleaners, Pressure Washers, 3D Printer, Washing of engine parts..... Call Us for INFO!

BioOver 300 is the new FREE STANDING biological unit, easy to install and comfortable like an appliance. This plant is equipped with MBBR technology, it works completely over the ground and is ideal for small mechanical activities, campings, mobile sites, hand carwash.  BioOver300 means minimum installation costs, no excavations and building works. Main requirements: regular use and indoor installation.  Nominal Capacity: 300 lt/hour, average Consumption: 0.4Kw/cubic mt.

QC300 Compact is the new FREE STANDING physical unit, easy to install and comfortable like an appliance. This plant is equipped with Quartz and active carbon filters, it works completely over the ground combined with an external PP tank (size depending from capacity) and is ideal for small mechanical activities, campings, mobile sites, hand carwash.  QC1 Compact means minimum installation costs, no excavations and building works. It works well also with occasional use and external installation.  Nominal Capacity: 300 lt/hour up to 2,000 lt/hour.

FREE STANDING Biological Treatment for higher volumes: BioOver1 or QC Compact1. This innovative plant, patented by Pragma Blue ltd, is a complete over-the-ground waste water reclaim system.  Successfully tested in carwash sector, this plant is a perfect solution for small machanical industries, garages, corporate fleets, etc.


Nominal Capacity: 1000 lt/hour, Approximate Dimensions (LxWxH): 2,5 x 0.9 x 2,0 mt. Installed Capacity 0,4 Kw Triple Phase, average Consumption: 1,23Kw/cubic mt.

Belowground Biological Treatment: Biodesign. This biological unit is dedicated to automotive, industrial sector and agrifood up to 10 mc/hour of waste water. It can be combined with physical treatment to increase effectiveness. 

Belowground Physical Treatment: QC5A, QC5, QC10A.  This plants (safety system and conic filter are patented by Pragma Blue) have been created expecially for carwash sector (3mc/hour, 5mc/hour, 10 mc/hour) in manual or fully automatic version that includes:

  • Easy Interface for an easier use
  • Autoclean: the plant takes care of cleaning itself. The system cleans filters avoiding manual operation by the user and risck to forget this function compromising the performance of the machine
  • Service Set Up: with a simple "click" the system automatically starts all operations to allow a fast and professional maintenance
  • Frost Protection System: for each stop of charge pump, circuits are automatically dreined from the water reducing the risk of freezing and crashing of the system
  • Anti-Odor System for an optimal recycling of the water in the process

Belowground. Biological treatment combined with Physical treatment. The plant is dimensioned according to customer's needs.


Pragma Blue S.r.l.

Cap. Soc. Euro 100.000,00

R.E.A. VI-355088


Fix Number: +39 0444 601219 

Mobile: +39 324 789 1810

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