Pragma Blue is made up of a group of highly specialized people with a great experience in water treatment and purification systems.

Some of them are coming from other  sectors, such as automotive, industrial chemistry, household appliances and hydraulics.

The interaction of these different experiences and cultures allows, whenever necessary, to find solutions and innovation

and to generate new opportunities at the same time.

This mindset and open corporate culture  aimed at the continuous search for solutions, has allowed Pragma Blue not only to file numerous industrial patents, but also to give new verve to our distribution channels and to be ompetitive in the market.

In recent years we have filed several patents including:

- Purification and wastewater treatment plants entirely above ground, an absolute innovation in waste water treatment solutions for car washes and which is the basis of our Bioover plants.

-Machine and method of ultrafiltration in machines for washing parts and surfaces, a treatment system that is revolutionizing the cleaning sector

We have bean awarded several prices  for innovation and design:

-Nixia, finalist at «Unicredit Start Lab». Milan, July 2016.

-Nixia, finalist at «Open Italian Design Challange». Rome, April 2016.

-Winners of the "CMR Purus Innovation Award 2019". System installed on board the machine developed for a well-known company in the cleaning sector. The system allows you to reuse water for over a week with considerable savings in time and costs.

-Nixia was also awarded the title of the cleaning show 2019 "Sustainability Cleaning Show Innovation Award".

The satisfaction of our customers is linked to the quality of our experience  through the use of our products. For this reason, when we develop a new product, we do it taking into consideration the entire life cycle: from pre-sale to installation, from break-in and fine-tuning to actual use, from after-sales service to disposal.


The innovative approach to water treatment and purification has led to the creation of new market segments with above-ground systems as well as the creation of products such as Nixia, the Water Washing Machine”.This solution has been  developed waste water from scrubbing machines; Nixia is a product that has been awarded internationally with several prices.


Our Pragma Open Innovation programme includes activities relating to process and product innovation in several sectors. We are focused to research and development activities always linked to collaboration with external partners and university centres.