Purifiers for car washes, jet wash high pressure systems, workshops . Purification and sanitization for the industrial cleaning sector. Pragma Blue, in addition to underground tanks traditional purifiers, offers an innovative and patented range of ABOVE GROUND “free installation” units  that do not require mansory ground  works for underground tanks, for easy installation and maintenance, as well as for moving it whenever necessary.


The sanitization and disinfection division of Pragma Blue has been active for several years thanks to the use of a non-toxic biocide and virucida with certified effectiveness against legionella and major pathogens, including coronaviruses. The new SANCASE system guarantees the sanitization of surfaces and objects thanks to a fast saturation of environments with dry fog.


Pragma Blue is a company specialized in waste water treatment and reuse.We consider ourselves the “INNOVATION FACTORY” focus on improving and innovating the water treatment technologies, customer and market oriented. 

Pragma blue have a team of specialists  dedicated to the enviromental sector and for its corporate structure and for its natural approach to innovation represents a unique case in the Italian competitive panorama of the sector.

Pragma Blue above-ground and underground water purification plants are made using selected and recyclable materials. The supplier network is located within a distance of 10 km approx. None of all Pragma Blue equipments  products involves the use of chemical components and, consequently, it  avoids the formation of waste harmful to the environment. Pragma Blue addressed the technological innovation, has created a team of capable people with extensive experience. in water purification systems and plants. This successfull and fruitfull combination has allowed the Company to grow and to expand worldwide during the years, obtaining several  industrial patents and the opening the new distribution channels, allowing us to spread into new markets.

"Nearly three-quarters of the earth’s surface is covered with water, but less than 2% is in a form or place that makes it readily available for human consumption."

American Museum of Natural History

After removing the water of the Seas and that not easily accessible, the photo above shows the amount of drinkable water that remains at our disposal: 2%

All the more reason it is necessary to preserve water in general especially the 2% usable.

The recycling and reuse of water becomes fundamental along with respectful behaviour towards the environment and consequently to ourselves; if you have respect for the environment you have respect for man.